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in baltimore, eddie? >> yes. yes, the defense captain named -- he worked for the national security agency. he said at the black panther party. i was instrumental in exposing him after a lengthy investigation and he fled the country. he went to canada. he infiltrated carmichael's organization, the african revolutionary party. he was exposed of their after engaging -- up there after engaging in something with the fbi. caribbean, ie believe the bahamas, and undermined some of the political movements down there and actually cost a death or two. i'm not really sure he did not cause a couple of deaths in maryland in the black panther party. which is what is part of what caused me to start investigating him. one of our members was killed as a result of something that he encouraged him to do. , and as bob said, they're political prisoners all across the country from the black panther party that have been victims of the cointelpro operation. people.mined a lot of it painted the picture that caused people not to get fair trials. respondingeople into to the violence that it was encouraging. it caused a
be. >> remarks come as nato defense ministers are meeting in brussels this week to discuss afghanistan. according to the latest tally from the associated press, 2174 members of u.s. military have died in afghanistan as a result of the u.s.-led invasion. a new report from doctors without borders finds one in four people in afghanistan have lost a relative or close friend of violence in the last year alone. currently make up the largest population of refugees in the world, but they are poised to be surpassed by syrians. according to the united nations, the number of syrian refugees could pass 4 million by the end of this year. voteders in france have to indefinitely extend the country's military intervention in central african republic. troops from france and the african union so far have been unable to staunch sectarian bloodshed between muslim rebels in question vigilantes. three months ago, france named its mission in central african republic after a butterfly, assuming it would have a short lifespan. in the latest violence, christian fighters reportedly killed 70 people o
obama addressing u.s. drone warfare at national defense university. >> before any strike is taken, there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured, the highest standard that we can set. yes, the conflict with al qaeda, like all armed conflict, invites tragedy, but by narrowly against thoseon who want to kill us and not the people they hide among, we are choosing the course of action least likely to result in the loss of innocent life. >> least likely to result in the loss of innocent life. shahzad akbar, can you respond? is a great orbama greater, but he has to support his argument with facts -- orator, but he has to support his argument with facts. if you look at cases that have been investigated by us and organizations like amnesty international, this is not a liberal rule of law favoring the united states. attack one you place, wait for rescuers and then you attack a second time. you do not attack people on behavior, patterns, how they are dressed, and then make guesswork on how to attack people. this all happened during president obama's tenure. >> kar
to be twofold. first, defensive from putin's point of view to prevent the sort of thing from happening again in russia. if you can create the image of chaos in ukraine -- and they do have a way of creating such images ashley need to make russians believe what is happening in you train -- ukraine is unattractive. the long-term goal is to show what european civilization means. putin and advisors and russian press amended clear -- have made a clear it is part of decadent european civilization. by decadence they meet rejection of christianity, advocacy of the right of ethnic minorities. they make this clear this is what they oppose. of course, these issues are not central to ukrainians themselves. campaigningans are campin for is the rule of law. forceswhat about moving into crimea? how significant is this? well, it is probably the worst thing that is happening europe since the yugoslav wars. it is a desperately dangerous thing to do. for one thing, it is a violation of all conceivable international law and standards. including the one which russia has -- it is a violation of the 1994 agreement
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4